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Prison Outreach

Combat2Coffee has been working collaboratively with the HM Prison Service since 2020 and delivers the Level 2 Accredited Barista Qualification in our prison cafes and barista academies. Our bespoke course is delivered over 2-3 weeks and covers employability skills relevant to the coffee industry in the community. This course includes practical and theory-based training with cohorts of up to 10 learners who can perfect their skills with hands-on customer service experiences. Our prison cafes provide purposeful activities for the prisoners to continue practising their techniques in a real-life customer service setting, creating a calm space for the well-being of other prisoners to discuss any issues they have over a cup of coffee.

HMP Highpoint

Combat2Coffee proudly supports HMP Highpoint by running the Visitor Coffee Shop provision and supervising some of the residents who help to run the Coffee Shop, with training and employability skills. This provision provides good quality affordable food & drinks to those visiting prison residents.

We also work with the establishment providing support to any veterans that may be in Custody. If a veteran prisoner is to leave HMP Highpoint and is transferred to another prison that we may be based at, they can be sequenced to be part of the project in that establishment.

HMP Chelmsford

Combat2Coffee provides a Barista Training Academy which is accessible by any prisoners wishing to take on training that can upskill them and improve their chances of employment upon release. Mental wellbeing is supported at all times and our trainer ensures the learning environment is a calm and inclusive space. In line with education provision, we provide access to an accredited Level 2 Barista Skills qualification which is part of the qualification skills framework.

We also work with various departments within the establishment, including safe for custody and a diversity and healthcare provision to provide support to those who may be finding life in custody challenging. We hope to bring the outside to the inside, which promotes a real purposeful engagement tool.

HMP Fosse Way

Our latest project HMP Fosse Way follows a similar model to that of HMP Chelmsford. However, alongside the Level 2 Barista accreditation, this brand-new state of the art facility also has a full coffee roaster system, enabling full training in the coffee journey from green bean to cup. 

The intention is that the men in custody can also roast a coffee for the canteen, whilst learning, practical education provisions and providing establishment and providing a service to the establishment and the wider Serco business.

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