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Code of Conduct

Our standards of behaviour

Standard 1: We treat everyone with respect

Combat2Coffee takes a positive approach to equality and diversity. The Equality Act 2010 sets out the characteristics where individuals may experience significant discrimination. These characteristics are age, race, sex, gender reassignment, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy, and maternity.

We take the duties of the Equality Act seriously and work hard to go beyond this to build and embrace a culture that respects and celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. We believe no person should be treated unfavourably or face any form of discrimination.

Standard 2: We live our values through our behaviour

What one person may perceive as ‘banter’ could cause offence to another. Combat2Coffee will not accept any form of verbal abuse, physical aggression, inappropriate sexualised behaviour, bullying or unreasonable demands. Our behaviours should include our values of kindness, dignity, and friendliness.

Standard 3: We co-operate and support each other

We want to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their engagement with the Community Interest Company. We value an ethos of comradeship and will uphold the reputation of the charity through co-operation and mutual support. The relationship between beneficiaries and Combat2Coffee staff and volunteers should be professional, collaborative, and help maintain the wellbeing of everybody involved with the Community Interest Company. 

We want to provide support if you tell us about your identity, a disability, or neurodivergent needs that mean you have preferred learning or communication methods. Work with you in a non-judgemental way, free from discrimination, fostering a feeling of inclusion and openness, (‘being able to be you’)

Standard 4: We demonstrate trust and integrity

It is a central principal that the relationship between the Community Interest Company and its beneficiaries shall be open and honest. We all have a responsibility to respect the organisations property, resources, and equipment to ensure these are used appropriately. Support is tailored around the needs of each individual; beneficiaries should inform the Community Interest Company of any changes in their circumstances. Furthermore, the Community Interest Company recognises its responsibility to respect and safeguard beneficiary information. In return, beneficiaries are asked to inform the Community Interest Company if they are aware of any reason that may impact on the way services are delivered or support is received.

Implementing the beneficiary code of conduct

All beneficiaries, staff and volunteers will be made aware of this code of conduct. Awareness training and how to respond in the event of an incident will be provided for all staff, with ongoing support through line management.

We will seek to resolve any issues or conflicts informally. However, there may be occasions where Combat2Coffee may take formal action. This may include, for example, a verbal or written notice of advice, a change in the way we provide services or a termination of support.

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