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The art of coffee roasting is a meticulous process that transforms green coffee beans into aromatic, flavourful and complex roasted coffee. Roasters carefully control factors like temperature, time and airflow to achieve desired flavours and profiles. This craft involves sensory evaluation, with roasters relying on their expertise and senses to determine the ideal roast level. The art of coffee roasting showcases the skill and passion required to unlock the full potential of coffee beans and create a great cup of coffee.

With the generous financial support from one of Suffolk Community Foundation’s private grant funds, we have been fortunate to invest in a cutting-edge roasting system with a capacity to keep up with our growing coffee distribution.

Coffee Grounds

We hate to see anything go to waste at Combat2Coffee so our coffee grounds are collected and donated free of charge to local charity garden projects.  From grounds into the ground!

Cups and Packaging

Combat2Coffee works hard to use sustainable and environmentally friendly 100% paper-based products that are glue and plastic free.

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