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We have seen first-hand the personal impact of volunteering with Combat2Coffee. One thing that always stands out to us is the uniqueness of the ‘why’ behind choosing to volunteer and the impact the individuals end up experiencing by volunteering.

VOLUNTEER ROLE – Coffee Roasting and Production Volunteer – learn to become a master roaster by perfecting our different blends and help with quality control, weighing and packaging.

VOLUNTEER ROLE – Community Barista Volunteer – learn the art of making barista coffee and improve your customer service skills by attending events or locations where Combat2Coffee are serving refreshments – all while promoting the services that Combat2Coffee offer to veterans and their families.

Volunteer story

Matt joined Combat2Coffee after being medically discharged by the police after 22 years of service. As with many veterans of uniformed services, Matt missed the structure and camaraderie but most importantly his sense of purpose. He was struggling on a day-to-day basis both physically and emotionally and as a result Matt’s wife and teenage daughters were really concerned for his wellbeing. That’s when he turned to Combat2Coffee…

Matt’s story

“After having saved a man’s life, my own world was turned upside down in 2019 as I had injured myself in the process.

Initially suffering with the worst pain imaginable in my neck into my arms and hands and requiring two lots of neck surgery in 2019 and 2020.

My mental health started to crack, and I had a breakdown Easter 2021. I was at the lowest ebb in my life and was in a very dark place. I was eventually diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome and complex PTSD, severe depression and anxiety which unfortunately was not going to get better anytime soon.

Nigel whom I have known for over 35 years had reached out to me a few times and wanted to meet up for a coffee. Eventually when able to do so, I left the house and went to C2C to meet him. That was the day when my life started to feel real again, and I cannot thank Nigel enough for the opportunity to be part of a team once more. I only volunteer for one day a week as that is all my mind and body can take at the moment, but I am still always treated as a valued member of the C2C team.”

I joined the police wanting to help people and to be able to give something back – and had to make the heartbreaking decision to retire due to ill-health. I now have a reason to get up and go to work, feeling needed and surrounded by like-minded people, some of which have their own struggles.

Kay’s story (Matt’s wife)

“Matt was really proud to be a police officer and thrived being part of a team. The disconnection and isolation he felt after the incident was as hard for him to deal with as the physical injuries. For a long time, my husband, the girl’s dad was a shadow of the person he used to be and not that nice to be around.

When Nigel first invited Matt for a coffee and a chat he didn’t take him up on the offer.  Nor the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time. Eventually he wore him down and they met up. Over time Matt started volunteering for C2C and the difference it has made is immeasurable.  Being part of a team again and doing something worthwhile has helped bring the old Matt back. Surrounded by people that understand and often share his struggles means that he is at ease being himself, at his pace. It really has changed his life, one sip at a time!”

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with Combat2Coffee contact hello@combat2coffee.co.uk

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