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Our Coffee?

What’s the significance of coffee?

Coffee is the common ground.  It can be a distraction, a focal point and a vehicle for conversation.

People gather to meet and talk over coffee. We feel a bit more alert and energised after drinking coffee.  Coffee doesn’t exist naturally in its end state – it takes time and dedication to roast, grind and prepare it.  Taking coffee through the process from bean to cup is an exercise in mindfulness and therapy that also takes skill and discernment.

For us, coffee is an everyday comfort with the power to be the first step towards change.  As with coffee production, it can be with people in need of help.  Under the right conditions, with the right pressure, we have the power to transform and reach a better place.

Our premium quality coffee is 100% single sourced and sustainably traced from two family run Brazilian farms, in a fairtrade context.  This means our activities help sustain the coffee farmers’ livelihoods as well as those of the people we support.  These coffee beans are then expertly roasted to our unique blend, by our unique people at our head office roastery in Suffolk. 

At Combat2Coffee, it’s all about the coffee. But then it’s not really about the coffee at all. It’s about what coffee can enable.

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